Vol: 7 Iss: 11

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Have you noticed lately how the word pattern seems to be creeping into general musings and dialogue more and more? Like name-dropping, it's consciously woven into the fabric of the conversation as a way to assert a certain level of understanding and credibility.
You're a senior Java engineer who's been working with J2EE on enterprise systems software and applications. You've got a résumé that reads like a who's who and what's what of current technologies.
I do believe the center of Java development is the programmer who is creating object-oriented Java code. But how do you achieve this when developing Web applications? In the Internet scenario the client and server sides are disconnected: the front end is shown to the user miles away fr...
Widely referred to as the 'Oscars of the software industry,' the JDJ Readers' Choice Awards program has become the most respected industry competition of its kind.
The latest version of Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) marks a major turning point in the history of this product. Prior to version 8 the most important design goals were ease of use, small footprint, and cross-platform support, with high speed taking a back seat.
As most Java developers know, the standard GUI components provided with the Java platform are barely adequate for most applications. We've all had to extend the base Swing (JFC) components and AWT components to develop the rich user interface components that users expect today.
Several years ago Motorola, Inc., and Sun Microsystems, Inc., recognized a potential new market for the Java programming language. Small mobile devices, such as cell phones, were becoming more powerful but did not provide a common programming platform.
I have the dubious honor of having written one of the very first implementations of the RSA cryptographic algorithm in Java some years ago, and very badly I wrote it too.
It's just as well I'm not a gambler. After pessimistically deciding that it would be a clichéd 'cold day in hell' before I saw a Java-enabled phone arrive on these shores, our local Vodafone launched the excellent Nokia 7650.
There are many facets to consider when implementing even the most basic software configuration management (SCM). For Java, with its import mechanism, these simple goals often become unmanageable when the source code tree grows beyond a certain point of complexity.
There are several textbooks and Internet articles that dwell on the performance and scalability benefits of using a thread pool versus creating new threads in a multithreaded Java application.
In my last few editorials I've been looking back in order to look forward; for example, how to encourage and empower new programmers, how to learn, and how to create better requirements and user expectations. Now I feel it's time to look forward.
You may have to dig beneath the hype a little, but at any gathering of 40 Java vendors there's bound to be some treasure buried in there somewhere. It's just waiting for you to find it.
Ant is very similar to the standard Unix tool 'make' that just about every experienced C programmer is familiar with. It does its work based on a build file, typically called build.xml, that tells Ant how and what to build.
Microsoft has been making major plays in the industry regarding Java with their .NET strategies, and a lot of disinformation has been floating around. Microsoft granted JDJ access to ask questions, offering you, the reader, the opportunity to find out, straight from the horse's mouth, ...
When I first started programming, it was with a small company. Life was simple. I understood all the requirements, and knew all the aspects of the application and how to pull everything together. If I was working with a team of programmers, the projects were small enough that the team ...
I've been actively involved with Java development in one way or another since 1996, including working with some of the original issues of the servlet specification, the early adaptation of the EJB spec, and migration to JSP not long after it became an official part of the J2EE spec.
Since I'll be presenting sessions throughout the week, I should really be reviewing them to make sure I have my message straight or at least make sure I don't goof up too badly. I'm still trying to live down that episode when I credited Sir Francis Bacon, of all people, with the invent...