Vol: 8 Iss: 11

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I want a wireless handheld device that works with me and doesn't make me jump through hoops just because I want to use Java. I don't even want to know Java is running; I just want it to do its job and make my life easier.
Welcome to the November edition of the JCP column! Each month you can read about the Java Community Process: newly submitted JSRs, new draft specs, Java APIs that were finalized, and other news from the JCP.
The JRockit engineers made two assumptions when they first designed JRockit. First, server VMs run for a long time and, second, memory is cheap and plentiful.
What do you get if you cross an early 21st century visionary CTO with a late 19th century employee of the Edison Electric Light Company? Answer: a fantastic keynote address at Web Services Edge 2003 West, held in Santa Clara last month.
Debugging, profiling, packaging - whatever you want, WSDD can do it all. IBM's WebSphere Device Developer (WSDD) is a sophisticated development platform for IBM's WebSphere Micro Environment (WME, also known as J9). Based on Eclipse, it's just right for those who like to work with Ecli...
Samuel Johnson said, 'When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.' While Sun's current situation may not be dire enough to be considered analogous to facing the hangman's rope, it is clear that economic distress is forcing Sun to change its...
The Java Sound API, first introduced in J2SE 1.3, includes the package javax.sound.midi, which contains everything you need to be able to send and receive messages to and from any MIDI device visible to your operating system.
Recently, Jason Bell had the opportunity to talk with Bruce Eckel, noted author of Thinking in Java and Thinking in C++.
Have you heard? Generics will be in the next release of the Java SDK (code named Tiger, aka JDK 1.5). You might be wondering 'What is a generic?' or 'Why should I care?' or even 'Cool! How do I use them?'
Having ridden the storm of the dot-com decline, it's nice to see the worldwide press having a semi-upbeat tone about the tech economy. Java, as a language, rode the crest of the wave; it could do no wrong and Java developers were the geeks among geeks.
How J2EE Connector Architecture and JTA specifications can be implemented to build such an adapter, XAFileConnector.
The promise of J2EE was to build more robust, scalable, and secure enterprise systems. J2EE promised that we could do it quickly and easily since J2EE is supposed to take the complexity out of building powerful distributed systems.
We tend to see the United States through a lens made up of its major population centers: New York; Los Angeles; Washington, DC; Miami; Atlanta; Chicago; and a few others. That's because these are the places that have things 'going on,' and as a result we get a skewed picture not only o...
Many of the problems related to software development are at the individual level, with those who create bad code rather than with any specific technology issue. Therefore the goal of anyone staffing a project is to attract employees most likely to ensure success.