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Performance Perspectives... Standardizing with Speed

Establishing bleeding edge techniques with standards and performance in mind

I thought it would be a good idea to call some attention to a new flood of good reads added to the collection of white papers focused on WebSphere and JEE software. Two in particular deal with some bleeding edge performance concepts. Performance is a subject that comes to the forefront more and more often, especially when we're all trying to wring as much sweat as we can out of each and every IT dollar put into play. Much of my day is spent trying to find new patterns to make this a reality. Information like this is invaluable when we're trying to find the correct architectural answer to the enterprise IT puzzles we're faced with.

What's even more interesting here is that what's being presented is in the context of forward-thinking and advanced features and scalability with the additional advantage of standardization. Standards breed cost savings from many different perspectives including consolidated tooling, competing products, skills development, etc.

The SIP and HTTP paper deals with performance considerations for creating an advanced voip infrastructure which is both scalable and performant while still achieving standardization.

Additionally, the JEE scalable caching article shows a fairly revolutionary way to achieve significantly more real work out of taxed data sources while still coding to JEE standards, specifically JPA. In particular there are some interesting comparisons there which describe an overburdened (and expensive) database, being relieved of a significant portion of the workload while the entire system delivers some amazing throughput with the simple addition of a scalable eXtreme Scale cache on commodity hardware. This is a far cry from requiring yet another bigger and badder database server. Read up on these and you'll start to see why the eXtreme in XTP isn't merely a matter of high throughput, but also economical and efficient throughput at any level.

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