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How to Make Quick $20 on Youtube

Recently I decided to stop running my traditional online trainings Intro to Java and focus on offering more advanced training programs. Over the years I had lots of Java training materials and decided to record and publish 18 video lessons covering Intro to Java and Java EE.

I started publishing videos on Youtube back in December of 2013, and 9 out of 18 videos are already available for free access. Each week I publish two version of each video – one in English, and one in Russian. So Russian-speaking people – not to be confused with Russia (the agressor) – get a “Buy one get one free” deal. Not only they learn Java, but also can improve their English unless their English is already more fluent than mine.

Then one of my readers suggested to make some profit by allowing Youtube adding advertisement to my videos. Sounded like a good idea and it’s pretty easy to do. Youtube calls it Monetization. Just go to Monetization tab and agree that Youtube will add short commercials. You also need to swear on blood that the video content is originally produced by you. I did this.

Since then I keep hearing the sound of falling coins like you hear in casinos in Las Vegas or the Money track from Pink Floyd. Three month later I decided to count my earnings. Youtube Analytics showed me this:


As you can see I made sixteen dollars and eighty three cents in the first quarter of 2014. At this rate I’ll make close to a hundred bucks by the summer of 2015. If Java will remain popular for the next 10 years, I’ll become one thousand dollars richer by 2025!

Long live Java! Long live Youtube! Long Live Google even though they use not the same Java as Oracle prescribes!

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