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He calls it rude

This will be the easiest blog to write because I’ll just copy/paste one of the today’s email threads. I swear, I have not changed a word.

X. Modern Web Application development for Java Programmers: 1) Is this the first iteration of this course? 2) If no, do you have any testimonials from past students that you could share? 3) How often is this course repeated? I’m interested but concerned for my work load when the July course hits it stride. Thanks, X

1. Third
2. No
3. 4 times a year
4. If you can’t commit 20 hours a week don’t waste your money.

X.  What an offensive response ! I don’t need advice on how to spend my money. I expected you to share the date of the next course so I’d be in a better position to make a decision if July or the next iteration would be better.  You chose instead to be rude and in the process lose what was almost certainly a new customer. 

Me. You call it rude, I call it honest. It’s OK to lose a customer sometimes.


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