This is going to be a very short blog  because the story itself is too good to add any comments:

Sun Microsystems Changes Ticker to JAVA 

On August 23, 2007, "Sun announced Thursday that it would retire its SUNW moniker on Nasdaq and replace with JAVA effective Monday. The software known as Java has become Sun's best known brand since it was its introduction 12 years ago."

Wah! I was going to make some comments, but there is nothing that I can say after reading comments from Jonathan Schwartz's blog on this annoucement (some are quoted below):

Numpty says this is a "TERRIBLE idea" because the usage of "Java" confuses people. J. Dabney commented "As a Sun investor I see this as a horrible idea" because "What does matter is JAVA is more of a limiting factor than this illusion of infinite possibilities". commented this as a "PR stunt" and "It's to impress those stupid financial analysts".

Justin Cook made an even stronger point by saying "Jonathan, this is one more indication the board needs to look for someone with REAL ideas to lead a once great company."

Then Concerned wrote "Please tell me it's a joke" and"This strikes me as silly. I had hoped it was some kind of joke, but I looked at the calendar, and it's not April 1st."

Oh, wait. I do have one comment that seems to be naively original:

Shouldn't Sun change its company name to JAVA too?

Oh wait again. Ten minutes after publishing the post, I came to some superficially naive guess of how this happened:

Maybe Jonathan have read my earlier post "Cient side Java, Sun and IBM "(June 2006)  that says "Sun is the only company who doesn't know how to make money from Java"? So they worked hard and finally came up with  this to monetize Java?