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Swine flu: breaking the acute care system [Effect Measure]

Maryn McKenna has a great piece at CIDRAP News today about something that should worry all of us as we wait to see if the other shoe drops with swine flu. Our acute care health services system is so brittle it won't take much to break it:.

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Swine influenza virus (referred to as SIV) refers to influenza cases that are caused by Orthomyxoviruses that are endemic to pig populations. SIV strains isolated to date have been classified either as Influenzavirus C or one of the various subtypes of the genus Influenzavirus A. The 2009 swine flu outbreak is the spread of a new strain of H1N1 influenza virus that was first detected by public health agencies in March 2009. Local outbreaks of influenza-like illness were detected in three areas in Mexico, but the presence of this new strain was not discovered for a full month.