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A Look into Our Crystal Ball: Predictions for 2015 At the start of a new year we have the opportunity to look ahead and think about what trends will likely shape the coming months. 2015 is poised to be transformative for government agencies and enterprises, as an increasing numb... (more)
Compute Property Values with Rules By Benoit Moussaud A quick tip I used to help a customer. They’ve defined two extra properties on their host to help them to compute container’s properties (eg home). It works fine for the generic-plugin based middleware (eg tomcat.home = ”${co... (more)
From Baby Boomers to Gen X, Y, & Z, there are certain characteristics that define, at least according to demographers and historians, each generation. Generation X, specifically, might also remember a Rush song called The Analog Kid. While not as frequently played as Tom Sawyer ... (more)
Make Change Your Friend: How Cloud Powers Business Agility While change definitely can bring unprecedented opportunity to drive topline revenue and improved efficiency, it can also bring obstruction and more challenges for core business operations and infrastructure if not dealt w... (more)
Akamai Technologies has announced that Bangkok Bank is using Akamai's Web Performance Solutions to deliver high quality user experiences for its growing customer base across all geographies. Ian Guy Gillard, Executive Vice President, Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, said, "A... (more)
We all are well aware that oil prices have dropped to almost $45 per barrel as of mid-January 2015. Global economies are feeling the pressure from a sudden drop in crude prices, with a chance of a looming recession in some economies. What does this mean for global business and th... (more)
The "IT-ification" of Business... and Other Predictions for 2015 A few years ago, there was much ado about the "consumerization" of IT, and its impact on IT operations. As a CIO, "consumerization" was an issue, but in my experience the more profoundly impactful trend has really be... (more)
I have the unique opportunity to work alongside some very smart people where we conduct research, collect data, analyze and write about it. Our focus tends to be on technology and its impact on people, businesses, societies and economies. As a result of many discussions with tec... (more)
SYS-CON Events announced today that Cloudian, Inc., the leading provider of hybrid cloud storage solutions, will exhibit at SYS-CON's 16th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place on June 9-11, 2015, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY., and the 17th International ... (more)
Going Rogue with PaaS: Bringing Shadow IT into the Light In a recent blog I suggested that it's okay to install PaaS on a couple of PCs, and run them "under the desk" for cloud development. This immediately provoked a comment from a reader who said "You're not endorsing Shadow IT ... (more)
Boosting Customer Retention - The Metric More Valuable than Customer Acquisition Remember Andrew Mason, the giddy and self-deprecating GroupOn CEO who introduced daily deals into our lexicon? It’s been almost two years since he was fired, but the lessons of his ouster are, if an... (more)
By Sean Kirk According to several recent studies, consumers are still very much on the fence about the Internet of Things. Before they’ll give IoT a thumbs up, these studies say, companies will need to earn their trust and offer more steak and less sizzle in their IoT offerings.... (more)
Why You Should Start Developing With Google Dart In the summer of 2013 I wrote a blog “How Serious is Google About Dart“. It’s January of 2015, and I’d like to give you an update from the trenches. Our team has developed and deployed in prod a beta version of the application tha... (more)
Why Cloud Can't Be Everything to Everyone (but What It Can Be for You) Enterprise cloud adoption rates have climbed in leaps and bounds over the past several years and 72 percent of companies are expected to pursue a hybrid cloud implementation strategy by 2015.[1] But cloud techn... (more)
Software Testing Is Too Critical to Overlook Today's software testing practices are abysmal. You're a major provider of health insurance services to general consumers. Your website is a primary means of interacting with your customers and allowing them view coverage, locate in-pl... (more)
Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC), which developed significant industry buzz in 2014, will move past the hype and begin to provide real business benefit to companies in 2015, according to 3CX, a provider of software-based VoIP IP PBX solutions. "In 2014, we have seen t... (more)
My favorite writer, Gil Press, sums it up with, “It’s Official: The Internet Of Things Takes Over Big Data As The Most Hyped Technology” where he talks about how Gartner released its latest Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, and how big data has moved down the “trough of dis... (more)
How Businesses Can Benefit from Storage Virtualization Virtualization has almost become a no-brainer for most major companies out there. The added benefits of greater efficiency and lower energy costs are certainly excellent reasons for adopting a virtualization strategy and the ... (more)
Article by Chris Riley, for Logentries There is a whole lot of talk about this DevOps thing. Pushing teams to move faster, increasing focus on results, and doing so with better and better quality. But the elephant in the room is how we go from immutable infrastructure to scalabl... (more)
Before I start with my predictions, let me explain what I mean by a prediction. I believe that predictions should not be about the end of a technology cycle but the timing for when an issue begins to gain traction that will result in industry shifts. As I pointed out in my book, ... (more)
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