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CommVault has announced an arrangement with NaviSite, Inc., to extend the data protection capabilities of Simpana® software to NaviSite's NaviCloud® portfolio. CommVault will provide data protection and management capabilities for customers using NaviCloud Director, an enterpris... (more)
According to research from VictorOps, DevOps is a growing trend from enterprise IT to SaaS solution providers. Additionally, the primary research shows that collaboration is essential as IT teams work toward faster time to resolution. Systems have grown too complex to continue li... (more)
The explosion in SMAC technologies (social, mobile, analytic, and cloud) in recent years has created unprecedented opportunities for those who can code. Indeed, programmers are the gatekeepers who are on the frontlines of the most momentous technological transformation in our his... (more)
Recurring Revenue - An Unparalleled Opportunity How do you surge ahead of the competitors and completely shake up the game? What determines who becomes the next Netflix, Apple, or Salesforce of your industry? It all comes down to identifying the opportunity to grow revenue and g... (more)
Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here In today's application economy, enterprise organizations realize that it's their applications that are the heart and soul of their business. If their application users have a bad experience, their revenue and reputation are at stake. In his session... (more)
Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Some developers believe that monitoring is a function of the operations team. Some operations teams firmly believe that monitoring the systems they maintain is sufficient to run the business successfully. Most of them are wrong. The complexity of to... (more)
Working with Big Data is challenging, especially when decision makers depend on market insights and intelligence from your data but don't have quick access to it or find it unusable. In their session at 6th Big Data Expo, Ian Khan, Global Strategic Positioning & Brand Manager at... (more)
The word DevOps is a portmanteau of "development" and "operations". However, anyone who knows "The Phoenix Project" by Gene Kim, et al., will agree that its radius is much wider than what the term suggests: it's a melting pot that combines principles from Agile Software Developme... (more)
3 IoT Trends to Watch in 2015 The dust has settled from CES 2015. The Internet of Things was front and center throughout the show, a reflection of its rapidly expanding presence in products and services for consumers and businesses alike. IoT played a vital role in hundreds of p... (more)
A New Way of Thinking with Recurring Revenue Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Today’s most successful brands have switched focus from managing sales transactions to managing customer experiences with the goal of maximizing the lifetime value of each relationship. In an ... (more)
Technology is enabling a new approach to collecting and using data. This approach, commonly referred to as the "Internet of Things" (IoT), enables businesses to use real-time data from all sorts of things including machines, devices and sensors to make better decisions, improve ... (more)
Application Downtime Costs More Than You'd Think Alan Shimel, editor at, wrote an article today discussing the findings from a study conducted by IDC, sponsored by AppDynamics, on the cost of application downtime within the Fortune 1000 (see article here).  Bottom lin... (more)
Compuware and BMC Software are partnering to improve the economics of IBM® z Systems ownership. By doing so, the two companies are empowering customers to reduce mainframe opex – even as they leverage their high-value mainframe applications, data and processing capacity to meet t... (more)
This is a no-hype, pragmatic post about why I think you should consider architecting your next project the way SOA and/or microservices suggest. No matter if it’s a greenfield approach or if you’re in dire need of refactoring. Please note: considering still keeps open the option ... (more)
HAProxy Monitoring Support New functionality is rolling out in SPM Performance Monitoring! Watch this space for future posts on Transaction Tracing, Global and App-specific Server Views, Kafka 0.8.2 monitoring and other cool stuff. For this post, those of you who use HAProxy are i... (more)
In this demo at 15th Cloud Expo, John Meza, Product Engineer at Esri, showed how Esri products hook into Hadoop cluster to allow you to do spatial analysis on the spatial data within your cluster, and he demonstrated rendering from a data center with ArcGIS Pro, a new product th... (more)
Internet of Everything: The Value of Connections The Internet of Everything (IoE) brings together people, process, data and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before - transforming information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. IoE ... (more)
Bynet Team Photo (left to right, top to bottom) Top Row:  John Wright, Jim (Hjerpe) Kaskade, Sumit Sharma, Dennis Russell, Bob McMillen, Bottom Row: Paul Micheletti, Lawrence Ladao, Serdar Yilmaz, Bob Moussavi, Doug Hundley. Jack Shemer & David Hartke – True Legacies Whenever J... (more)
By Sandra K. Johnson Technology leadership is driven by the innovation and creativity of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals. STEM careers offer some of the highest-paying jobs and the potential for a high quality of life. However, the realiza... (more)
The NetBeans New File wizards greatly simplify writing boilerplate code. One specific instance is the creation of JPA Controller Classes from an Entity Classes. The class file, or files, written for you will contain all the basic methods of JPA for CRUD operations on the entity o... (more)
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